Camping World Service: Money Down the Toilet

Our Camping World Service Experiences

We lost my Mom so Dad decided he wanted to buy an RV. We had no idea how this would lead us to Camping World Service Departments. My Dad wanted to get out of the house, a reminder of Mom. Well don’t you know, he found…


First Camping World Experience

The unit he bought was in the shop within a week. Did not even get to camp in it and IT WAS IN THE SHOP. Camping World had it for months. We finally get it back and it is raining outside. Of course, it is leaking water to the point we have to get a mop.

If you drive an RV you know it isn’t always fun driving on the Interstate. You know, the road where drivers were able to get a driver’s license in a cereal box. Rolling along and all of a sudden we hear a horrible noise. We were ducking for cover.


We called Camping World. We could instantly tell in their voices THEY DIDN’T CARE. Back to Camping World Service. The unit had so many problems. It wasn’t safe and now had water damage we couldn’t see.

Camping World tells us we are driving a house with an earthquake under us. Exact words:


Second Unit

Dad had enough. He wasn’t getting anywhere with them so he took a $30,000 loss! Unfortunately, he decided to give another Camping World, two hours away, a try.

This time, he had the new unit for a month BEFORE IT WAS CAMPING IN THEIR SHOP! Months went by. Yes months, five months to be exact. They found that the generator would NOT work although it had never been used. Camping World told us it was our fault and was due to OUR lack of maintenance. Told us that we needed to use it at least two hours each month and by the way you owe us $750!!!

The generator, along with everything else, was NOT covered under the warranty. So why provide a warranty if nothing is covered?

Another Invoice

We finally got it back. The first trip we take which required a generator, we were dry camping. It fires up but provides no power. We had to travel two hours out of our way to the closest Camping World. We live in Florida but were in Texas when this happened.

That CW tells us bring it in and they believe it is the transfer switch. We had to wait three hours, SITTING ON A CURB, and it is finally ready. We were told that the technician that “fixed” the generator forgot to adjust some screw. So Dad being nice like he is hands the guy a $20 tip.


Another item not covered under the warranty. We considered it their fault since they forgot to adjust the screw after we gave them $750! Or the other payment of $162!

We were afraid to think of what would be next. Driving away, as soon as we shut the door we hear this grinding noise. WTF is that? The automatic stairs were not retracting. That was the noise.

My Father is 72-years-old and now he had to use a step stool to get in and out. Must be something with Interstates and above cabin beds since we were familiar with the sound and ducked since we were prepared for what was coming. THE BED FELL DOWN ONCE AGAIN. HELLO, SECOND RV!

All Camping World Locations Suck

It’s been a year now. The RV is the one that goes camping AT THE SHOP. We didn’t know that Camping World considered their service center some type of campground. RVs are purchased to go camping in…we thought. The plan was to get away. The only thing getting away WAS THE RV.

Again, I just picked it up today after something they “fixed” had to be “fixed” again. The service counter have a sign that reads:


They charged me again. Unfortunately, instead of arguing with them, I paid to get it back. Got to love when the invoice reads that the technician repaired the dinette that collapses.

Camping World Breeds Liars

The technician said it was fixed and safe. He actually seemed to have tested it himself according to the invoice. He said he jumped up and down on the seat without a problem. I responded that was NOT TRUE. I assured them that the technician would not be at work if he’d done that.


Getting the Word Out

Long story short, I promise I’ve left a lot out, CAMPING WORLD SUCKS IS PUTTING IT LIGHTLY. In fact, I made shirts to wear so when others read my shirt they will see CAMPING WORLD SCREWED ME.

Find the t-shirts on Custom Ink.

The t-shirt depicts money down the toilet. The back shows two people kissing. THE WORD “MY” AND A PICTURE OF A DONKEY finished with the words CAMPING WORLD! does not benefit from the sale of these t-shirts. does not profit in any way.

— Guest Contributor

Camping World hides under the name Gander RV in an attempt to cover their disgusting reputation. Our interaction with Camping World at two locations: Monticello, Minnesota, and Bartow, Florida, gave us nightmares. If nothing else, don’t buy the extended warranty! They will attempt to shove it down your throat. Do the math and buy your own warranty! welcomes contributors, click here. In addition, we recommend the Facebook group Camping World: The Awful Experience to share your experiences. Our goal is to warn consumers to avoid this company, by any name.

An option for complaints is Camping World corporate headquarters. Please report how that works out for you. is an informational website only. We do not allow advertising; no profit received.

Similarly, check out Camping World (aka Gander Mountain) is the largest retailer of Keystone RV. Just like Camping World, Keystone has built a reputation for terrible workmanship and equally awful customer service. You can read why we despise this company at To share experiences with Keystone RVs click to submit.

If your complaint involves a Keystone unit, e-mail customer service here. Please report your results. Positive experiences are unfortunately few and far between.

Keystone’s parent company is Thor; customer support form and phone number, (877) 855-2867.

Gander RV St. Augustine, FL

My wife and I have planned for years that after retirement we would buy an RV and try full-timing. On Feb. 21, 2020, we bought a used 2008 Tiffin from the Gander RV St Augustine, Florida location.

Before spending this large amount of money we asked many questions. We went over everything and all of our issues were addressed. To be sure we did a thorough walkthrough we videotaped it. During the walkthrough, we found some issues and were assured that they would be taken care of before we picked up our new home. Every issue we found is on the tape with a recording of the employee telling us it would be taken care of.

Gander RV Tire Rot Deception

St. Augustine Gander RV sold tires with dry rot

Gander scheduled a pick date and asked that we get there early. Ergo, we arrived at 9:00 am to find that nothing had been done to repair the issues from the walkthrough. After a long day, we left Gander at 5:30 pm with our unit. None of the repairs were done.

We headed home to Massachusettes, we had several problems arise. First, we had a blow out of one of their great tires. Road service charged $650 to replace one tire. With the tire removed it was apparent that the tires had been turned to hide the dry rot. Also, we lost an air pressure gauge.

Finally, we got home and parked the RV. It wouldn’t restate. Again we had to call Road Service; a $250 mobile visit. They couldn’t fix it. We had to have it towed to a service center, another $650.

Gander RV St. Augustine Liars

St. Augustine Gander RV send a tailpipe

Next, on February 27th, we contacted Glenn Blake at Gander in St. Augustine and explained the issues. In addition, I reminded Glenn that their manager promised to fix an issue with the tailpipe. He told me to get it addressed and gave me his e-mail address. He told me to send him the invoice from our repair shop.

After the work was done I sent the invoice. The repairs included five new tires due to the dry rot and totaled $5,000. Now they refuse to pay for the repairs. Instead, they sent me a tailpipe with a letter.

Good Afternoon Mr. Brouillette,
I have looked at Tri-State’s repair order and reviewed it with the General Sales Manager. Gander RV will cover the LOF in the amount of $405.25 and we will also cover the air gauge repair of $305.60. As a goodwill gesture, although we usually do not cover tires on pre-owned units, we will cover half of your replacement cost on your blowout at $370.00. The total reimbursement to you is $1080.85.
Also, I’m sending you the exhaust turndown as promised by the previous sales manager. This is the best we can do for you. I will have our Accounts Payable Department draw up a release and e-mail it to you. Sign and return this release so that I can request a check for you. Please be safe in your travels.
Thank you for your business.
Best regards, Glenn S. Blake, Service Director
Gander RV, 600 Outlet Mall Blvd., St. Augustine, FL 32084
(904) 486-9050 ext. 1244
CISCO#: 70561244

We received the agreement. Due to our shock, after reading it we asked several different managers repeatedly if anyone had read this agreement? The responses were the same, “this is what needs to be signed before we pay you.”

St. Augustine Gander RV disclosure

As you can see, this is what you have to expect when dealing with Gander RV St. Augustine, Florida (aka Camping World). If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, just read this excerpt from what they wanted me to sign, especially the bold type.

Gander RV St. Augustine Release

3. General
It is understood and agreed by me that the acceptance of the contribution is in full accord, satisfaction, and in final settlement of any and all claims and demands presented by me against Dealer.
I covenant that no representations or promises other than those expressly herein contained have been made to me in regard to this Release and settlement, and I fully understand that, after this instrument has been executed, all of my rights, claims, and demands referred to above are hereby and shall be extinguished. I understand that this Release is a compromise of a disputed claim and is not be construed as an admission of liability on the part of Dealer. I will do all things reasonable and necessary, and without delay, to transfer legal and physical possession of the RV to Dealer, including, but not limited, to removing my personal belongings from the RV and signing a power of attorney in favor of Dealer. I understand that the RV must be in the same condition it was delivered to me on the purchase date, reasonable wear and tear excepted or I will be responsible for all costs associated with returning the RV to that condition prior to receiving the contribution described in Paragraph 1.

4. Confidentiality
I agree to maintain this Release and its terms in strictest confidence. I shall not communicate, display, publish or reveal any of the facts surrounding this Release or the contents of this Release to any individual, group of individuals, organizations, social media sites, or entities, including but not limited to, any member of the media, except as may be required by a governmental taxing authority or by subpoena from a court of competent jurisdiction. If inquiry is made as to the resolution of dispute, I will specifically report only that the matter has been settled.

Stay away from this place!

–Guest Poster

Gander RV Warnings

Camping World has taken on the name of Gander RV to cover their horrible reputation tracks. Due to our horrible experiences with two Camping World locations: Monticello, Minnesota, and Bartow, Florida. If you learn nothing else, DO NOT buy the extended warranty that they attempt to shove down the throat of every prospect at closing! Do your own research and do the math! welcomes contributors, click here. In addition, we recommend the Facebook group Camping World: The Awful Experience to share your experiences. Our goal is to warn consumers to avoid this company, by any name.

An option for complaints is Camping World corporate headquarters. Please report how that works out for you. is an informational website only. We do not allow advertising; no profit received.

Similarly, check out Camping World (aka Gander Mountain) is the largest retailer of Keystone RV. Just like Camping World, Keystone has built a reputation for terrible workmanship and equally awful customer service. You can read why we despise this company at To share experiences with Keystone RVs click to submit.

If your complaint involves a Keystone unit, e-mail customer service here. Please report your results. Positive experiences are unfortunately few and far between.

Keystone’s parent company is Thor; customer support form and phone number, (877) 855-2867.

Gander RV, Bartow, Florida

I thought this would be a peaceful negotiation between myself and Gander RV of Bartow, Florida. I arrived with my unit having agreed with their head office the day before. First, we agreed to bring it in for them to inspect. Repairs previously addressed had failed and caused water damage in my new unit. In addition, other issues had arisen.

General Manager MIA

When I arrived I asked for the Bartow, Florida General Manager (GM) and the service manager. The service manager came out to tell me that the GM wasn’t there. I didn’t think this was a problem. I had the service manager.

During the walk-through of my unit, they begin trying to claim they didn’t make the failed repairs. I had work orders dated and signed, along with written confirmation on letterhead asking me to take my unit to a third party for them to confirm the repairs were not up to par. That fact was confirmed.

Asked to Leave Gander RV of Bartow

As a result of showing the service manager the repair list and their work orders, along with all the other evidence they told me to pack my unit and leave. I refused.

Due to the intimidation, from the Gander RV staff, I called the sheriff. They came out just to keep the peace and make sure nothing got out of hand. Next, the GM comes out of an office wanting to talk. So we began talking. He says that he’s going to have to ask me to leave. Following that he claims I made a racist comment about a black guy and a banana. This was totally false. The sheriff asked if it was true. I said no! I had a friend with me and he denied any such comment being made. Consequently, the sheriff made a report.

I contacted the head office to see how they would like to proceed with these false claims. They hung up the phone. I called them back. They transferred me to a manager in their head office. He said that it’s no longer their problem; it’s between me and Gander RV (Camping World) of Bartow. At which point the phone cut off.

I immediately called back to ask for this matter to be taken higher. They instantly hung up. Finally, after I called back a fourth time, they just transferred the call to the Bartow location.

I can’t believe the lengths these cowboys will go to screw me and my family out of money and everyone else. In conclusion, my advice: steer clear of Gander RV or Camping World or whatever they call themselves. Camping World Sucks!

— Guest Contributor

Gander RV (Camping World) Sucks

Camping World has changed its name to Gander RV in Bartow, Florida. New name; same terrible service. To contribute to click here. A Facebook group exists for people to share experiences. It’s called Camping World: The Awful Experience. Camping World corporate headquarters webpage is here. Please let us know if you get results. is an information website for Camping World and Gander RV experiences. No advertising is allowed. Camping World inpired this blog; both Bartow, Florida and Monticello, Minnesota.

Keystone RV Manufacturer Sucks

Keystone RV is a Camping World staple. Keystone’s manufacturing and service equals Camping World’s (Gander RV). Read about our sad experience at Keystone’s customer service e-mail is Thor, parent company to Keystone RV, is also an avenue for complaints. Fill out their form at Thor custom support or try calling (877) 855-2867.

Contribute experiences with Keystone RVs at

Camping World Reviews

This post combines several Camping World reviews that contributors have submitted. Camping World Sucks has one goal, to warn the public. Keystone RV Sucks also welcomes guest contributors to share their experiences.

Camping World of Tallahassee

Flagstaff fifth wheel RV

I purchased a brand new Flagstaff fifth wheel at Camping World of Tallahassee, Florida. It came with a defective hook up light on the front. No one told me not to use the light until it could be replaced. They didn’t have one in stock and chose not to order one before I took delivery.

First, I turned it on and used it for a night light assuming it would work; until it just quit. Then, it caught fire! The fire burned a hole in the front cap before it could be put out. Thank God someone was walking past when it started burning. They banged on my door and we put the fire out.

I called the manager at Camping World in Tallassee. He wanted me to tell Forest River I was afraid to stay in the unit. He offered to send me a different, new fifth wheel.

I told him he could go to hell and phoned Forest River in Indiana and told them what he was up to. After that, I contacted Camping World Headquarters in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In addition, I registered a complaint against the manager in Florida. Of course, Camping World corporate did absolutely nothing.

Now you’re beginning to understand why Camping World is trying to become Gander RV. They can eat s–t as far as I am concerned.

Rebranding: Hiding & Lying

In my opinion, Camping World (now trying to re-brand themselves as Gander RV) is nothing more than the traditional and unethical “used car” sales scam!

They deliberately buy substandard, low-quality RVs. Camping World lies about the safety and durability of the units and then push-off warranty repairs until the manufacturer’s warranty expires. This practice places the burden of repair costs on the buyer!

Camping World Unethical? Yep!

An unsustainable business model? We can only hope. Remember, they are only interested in short-term profits. When consumers finally understand Marcus Lemonis’ con, he will simply move on to another scam. He takes his profits, leaving customers and investors in the dust!

Camping World Columbia, SC

My purchase was a nightmare from the start and continues. The Camping World Staff at Columbia, South Carolina signed my name to two difficult documents. They failed to register our RV with the North Carolina DMV, as promised. More than 45 days after the purchase they sent the paperwork to us. This resulted in us driving the RV unregistered the whole time.

They provided false or misleading information concerning the cancellation of our extended warranty and paint coverage. In addition, they promised to fill the RV with fuel prior to purchase. We took possession with only $50 worth of fuel.

Only one key was provided with a brand new 2020 Thor Freedom Elite. Camping World claimed that the manufacturer only provided one key for the vehicle.

We contacted corporate. To date, we still have not heard back from corporate. None of our concerns, which are many, have been resolved.

CW Manassas, VA

My wife and I purchased a used Tiffin Allegro from the Manassas store a couple of months ago. We live in Maryland so I had to have it state inspected.

The inspection station failed the Motorhome for front brakes. Both Rotors were cracked completely through. All four were severely overheating to the point that they were disintegrating.

Camping World allowed me to drive that vehicle over 150 miles home with my family aboard. Not to mention the thousands of other motorists on the road with us.

Camping World 2008 Allegro No Brakes

This vehicle has been the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I can assure you that I or anyone I have the chance to talk to will never buy another RV from their stores!

–Guest Posters

The Worst RV Dealer

The goal here is to warn future customers and help current consumers trapped in a Camping World nightmare.

First, Camping World is now hiding under the name Gander RV. They are also purchasing private dealerships and not changing their names to hide behind aliases. To contact Camping World corporate, click here. Please share your results.

Visit the Camping World: The Awful Experience Facebook page for more reviews. These reviews are the result of Camping World’s common business practices; Camping World’s normal. Please contribute your experience by clicking here. and are strictly informational. No advertising will be accepted. We can only hope Camping World, also known by aliases including Gander RV, will get a clue and step up to the plate.Check out to read and share experiences with Keystone brands. Keystone customer service’s e-mail address is Keystone’s parent company is Thor. Some have reported more success by contacting Thor. For Thor customer support click here or try calling (877) 855-2867.

Camping World Inspection

To better understand our Camping World inspection experience, read Camping World Purchase, the first in this series. Next is our contact story, Camping World Corporate.

Undaunted by the axle fiasco, our next trip was to Florida. We arrived there in July. We parked and set up. Next, my husband said he was going to check the roof, just to be prudent. Tired and hungry we were planning to get some dinner and go to sleep.

The Nightmare Begins

After walking the roof he descended. Instead of going to eat, we were heading to Home Depot. The front of the roof, behind the nose cap, had snapped back causing several open holes.

I felt like I’d been hit by a truck!

Our seven-month old roof.

The fight for our labor reimbursement for the axle had just ended in our favor. Above all else, I knew this would be another fight. We headed to the store and came right back to tarp the roof. Little did we know we’d be tarped, and stuck, for four months. Although we stayed in the RV, it was not travel-worthy.

On our model and several others, Keystone advertises a “one-piece, rubber roof.” In other words, the roof is seamless, preventing leaks. My husband concluded, and technicians confirmed, that the rubber was cut too short. Evidentally, the roof should have been replaced at the factory. Instead, they stretched the rubber and shoved it under the nose cap. After a few months, the rubber snapped back like a rubber band. Ergo, a gaping hole.

Camping World Again

2018 Keystone Cougar with a tarped roof due to roof failure.
Six-months-old and tarped.

First, I called Camping World of Bartow, Florida. They told us to come in for an inspection. So, we scheduled it as soon as possible, about two weeks later. The day of the inspection we took down the tarps and drove to the store.

The Inspection

After about an hour the front desk person brought out a hand-written, yet official, Camping World inspection. She said their computers were down and that she would type it and send it to me asap. I asked to see what the technician had written. She hesitated, repeating that she’d type it up for us. I insisted and she gave me the papers.

The typed version of our Camping World inspection with our personal information removed.

The technician wrote that the roof was “not installed correctly.” Additionally, he wrote “defective roof material.” Furthermore, the certified technician stated that the correction was to replace the roof.

I asked for copies and she refused. She said she had to type them up and then she would e-mail the inspection to me. I got out my phone and started making my own copies. I wanted the truth, out of the technician’s mouth. Not a copy after Camping World put their spin on it. The girl wasn’t happy. Obviously, I wasn’t taking any chances.

The Paperwork

A few days later I got the e-mail with the typed inspection and it did match my copies. The e-mail stated that we had to sign the inspection before they would submit it to Keystone. Thankfully, I read every word of everything we sign. At the bottom of the page was an agreement.

“I/We confirm that the requested work has been completed to my/our satisfaction.”

Camping World

The unit hadn’t been touched. No work was started, let alone completed. Consequently, I called Camping World and told my representative that we were not signing. After a moment of fumbling, she said that she had sent the wrong document. However, the work order listed “Warranty” work several times. She said she’d send the correct document in another e-mail.

The Second E-mail

At some time, I can’t remember when she told me that they had already submitted the warranty request. However, they still needed a signature. I was assured that the second disclaimer just said that they were not responsible for damage, like if we left food in the refrigerator.

When I got the next e-mail, I was ready to read “every, single word.” Thank God. This agreement did mention food in the refrigerator. In addition, the second inspection sent to us stated that:

“I do not wish to receive any further estimate, either written or oral, to which I may be entitled by law, before repairs are authorized.”

Camping World
The “Comments” say that the inspection was sent. The fine print says that we waive our rights to an estimate or notification if the warranty is refused.

In other words, if Keystone says they won’t cover the roof, no one has to notify us. Camping World would just do the work and when we pick it up they can hand us a bill for $10,000, or more. Without a doubt, it’s happened to others.

Refusing to Sign

I called back and told her I was not signing away my rights. Consequently, her attitude changed. She put me on hold and when she returned to the phone her demeanor had completely changed. Similar to our financing experience she barked that if I didn’t sign, they would not submit our request to Keystone. I reminded her that she had already submitted it. Then that story changed.

I told her we would not sign away our rights and hung up. A friend had given me the number to Keystone’s Warranty Department. In the end, I thought the manufacturer would give us satisfaction. Thus began the next battle.

Read about our Keystone RV warranty experience. We share our warranty experience in detail,

I encourage you to share your Camping World experiences here. Together we can warn others and, hopefully, cause change.