Camping World Nightmare

This is the Camping World nightmare experience of one of our guest posters . . .

I’ll leave out our first two Camping World nightmare experiences to your imaginations, but they were bad.

Sherman, Texas CW

Jayco RV

The Sherman, Texas store was our third visit to a Camping World in an attempt to purchase a 2020 Jayco RV. We stuck with CW only because we wanted a Jayco. They are the only Jayco Dealers remotely close to us.

Our salesman in Sherman was very accommodating. As was the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) staff. However, every person that we dealt with in Finance and all of upper management was nothing less than atrocious.

Passing on CW Financing

First, we informed them from the very beginning that we had our own financing and would not need CW financing. We asked them to send the Purchase Agreement to our banker.

Hacking Our Info

bandit with laptop

Of course, the agreement was never sent. We called them back to get it done. They told us they had contacted the Oklahoma store for our financial info. Ergo, instead of sending the agreement, they took it upon themselves to waste our time by contacting the Oklahoma City store. They hacked our private financial and credit information without our permission. Above all, they violated several laws including the:

After voicing our disapproval, Sherman Camping World finally sent the Purchase Agreement to our bank. Immediately our phone was ringing. Our banker called to tell us that the Purchase Agreement was not correct. They wanted us to pay tax, title and license fees at the time of purchase. They said it was “state law”.

We called Camping World again to explain that we do not pay Texas sales tax, we live in Oklahoma. Several phone calls and arguments ensued. They conceded that we only had to pay Oklahoma tax, but that it needed to be paid when taking delivery.

Next, they told us that we would have to bring a Cashier’s Check in order to take delivery of the RV. We headed out on a four-hour round trip to meet with the banker personally and pick up a Cashier’s Check.

Camping World Nightmare Continues

Everyone involved at CW was very aware that we were on a serious time crunch when picking up the unit. They knew exactly when we would be arriving to take delivery. We called at 8:00 a.m. that morning to follow up with the salesman. We informed him that we would be there around 9:00 a.m. The dealership is an hour from our home.

We arrived at the dealership a little after 9:00 in the morning. Our RV was just being taken back to be cleaned up. We waited patiently (kind of, we were on a time crunch, as stated). Finally, we started our walk-through. At least the walk-through staff was very knowledgeable.

Next, the paperwork. We finally sat down with their Finance guy to sign the paperwork. He initially apologized that we hadn’t had a better experience at other stores. I brought up that we had concerns with our purchase there, but he quickly moved on to the paperwork.

After signing the guy started walking away without payment. I asked him if he wanted checks. He says, “Oh, yeah.” He walked back to the desk and we handed him a Cashier’s Check for the financed amount. I began to write out a check for the fees that they were insisting that we pay upfront. Oklahoma taxes, even though we live in a different state. The salesman says, “Oh, my general manager says that I cant take a personal check for that.”

What?! CW Nightmare Continues

We had driven for hours. Then, we spent hours in the dealership and hours on the phone. No one EVER bothered to mention to us that we needed to bring cash for that?! Does anyone carry that much cash in their pocket daily? Right?!

He said, “Just put it on a card.” The amount was over the daily card limit set by our bank.

At the time, we were over three hours from our nearest bank branch at noon on a Saturday! He handed us back our Cashier’s Check and said, “sorry.” At this point, the sales guy was in disbelief as well.

I have NEVER been treated as poorly at a dealership during the purchase of ANYTHING in my life!! I’m appalled!

To make matters worse, afterward, we checked the purchase agreement when we stopped for lunch. The Purchase Agreement was for $2,000 less than the agreed-upon price; less than the Cashier’s Check. Ergo, they could have taken that extra $2,000 and put it towards the Oklahoma sales taxes. We would have been good.

Camping World Sucks!

In conclusion, we were now in a dire situation. We need to leave town for work and, due to our Camping World nightmare, we are without an RV. Obviously, we have a VERY bad taste in our mouths from this establishment. The way we were treated was astonishing.

Camping World, please do your future customers a favor and better train your staff in regards to customer service and desk-side manner. We feel bad for our sales guy as he did his job and was snuffed out of this sale due to no fault of his own.

–Guest Poster

Camping Worlds (now Gander RV) Suck

The list of complaints has just skyrocketed. It is amazing that this business has any customers. If you need to contact Camping World with one of these horrific experiences, contact corporate headquarters by clicking here. Please report back with your results.

In addition, on Facebook, Camping World: The Awful Experience is dedicated to warning consumers about CW/Gander.

Please consider sharing your Camping World Sucks experiences here.

This site,, is strictly for information purposes. We don’t advertise here. Our horrible experiences with Camping World of Bartow, Florida service and Monticello, Minnesota financing departments inspired this blog. Click below for our experience.

Unethical Keystone RV

Camping World sells more Keystone RVs than any other dealership. This major manufacturer has a reputation for poor workmanship and worse customer service. We can attest to that, personally. Keystone customer service e-mail contact is Thor is Keystone’s parent company. Click for Thor custom support or call (877) 855-2867.

Share your experiences with Montana, Cougar, etc. at

Camping World Experiences

Camping World Sucks, and Keystone RV Sucks, welcome guest contributors to share their own Camping World Experiences. As a result, several guest contributors have shared their stories below.

Corrupt All The Way To The Top

Several years after I bought my Class-C camper. During my Camping World experience I gave this company three different chances to fix or repair work done by their mechanics.

I climbed my way up the food chain to try to resolve the issue. The key PROBLEM, Marcus Lemonis. He uses his power only to personally make himself money. To Mr. Lemonis, the importance of the customer, the employees, and the company has declined. Ergo, Camping World Sucks!

He’s rich on the backs of the people he has rear-ended. Moral to this story: never will I return – have advised everyone I have ever come in contact with to avoid this company like the plague.

Redding, Cali Camping World Sucks

Our Camping World experience took place in Redding, California.

We bought a 2008 Thor Wave 21BH. On December 10, 2019, we brought it to Camping World Redding. We needed to get the wheel bearings repacked, holding tanks checked and flushed; general maintenance.

The service manager, Brian, recommended their 45-point inspection, which we agreed to. He called a couple of days later. First, he told us that our brakes were shot. Next, he informed us that our roof had turned to leopard skin. When I asked about the other things mentioned earlier, he said everything seems to work.

Therefore, on December 20, 2019, we picked up our trailer with a bill for $8,000 dollars!!!!! Certainly, Camping World should have mentioned that the tires were severely cracked. We went to Les Schwab for tires.

When we got to our site and plugged in, we discovered that Camping World Sucks!

  • Black water gauge still said 2/3 full, the same as when we brought it.
  • Gray water gauge said full, the same as when we brought it.
  • Black water tank was clogged and wouldn’t empty.
  • When the water heater kicked on the water leaked under the bunk.

As a result, we called Camping World in Redding. Again we talked to the service manager. Those things were not covered under the 45-point inspection.

Ergo, we feel like they are crooks that are out to make a quick, dishonest buck, but that they really don’t care whether we live or die.

Walked Out Because CW Sucks!

camping world sucks financing

Our camping world experience sucked. Fortunately it was brief. Eight years ago we were shopping for a fifth wheel toy hauler. We stopped at Camping World to look at some models. The very first question the salesperson asked was, “Are you going to finance the purchase with us?” Always the most important aspect in Camping World’s marketing plan.

Hence, I looked at my wife and, without saying a word, we both walked out. The salesperson could then return to their office and resume playing solitaire on their computer.

–Guest Posters

Camping World (a.k.a. Gander RV) Sucks

First, for Camping World experiences like ours, contact corporate headquarters to lodge complaints, click here. Let us know how that works out for you.

This blog, along with the Facebook page Camping World: The Awful Experience are dedicated to warning consumers. Unethical business practices and shotty (or nonexistent) repairs are the common Camping World experience. Their standard operating procedure.

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Keystone RV Also Sucks

Keystone RV is Camping World’s most popular manufacturer. Their reputation is one of poor workmanship and a complete lack of customer service. is available to share experiences with Montana, Cougar, and all other Keystone brands. is also completely informational.

Finally, to contact Keystone customer service e-mail Thor is Keystone’s parent company. Click for Thor custom support or you can call (877) 855-2867.

Still Unethical: Gander RV

We found a TT that we love, Flagstaff E-Pro 19FBS. We looked at a couple of places but just couldn’t come to terms. We decided to try our local Rv dealer, Gander RV, recently renamed from Camping World. It is our local dealer and does have a repair shop for warranty, we figured.

Flagstaff 19FBS Travel Trailer
Flagstaff 19FBS Travel Trailer

They had the trailer we wanted, minus four items (bike rack, backup camera, holding tank heating pads, and additional solar panel). We came to an agreement to buy the RV on their lot, with the four minor add ons.

Our agreement was “The RV you want, with everything you want on it, at your price, out the door in 48 hours.” (We are now 20 days later).

The Scumbag Process

The salesman told us, repeatedly, he was late for an appointment. He rushed us through signing a sales contract without the four add ons listed. He assured us more than once ”… don’t worry about it, they’ll be on there…”

We put money down on my Credit card, I had a loan preapproved from my bank. All good, right?

Since then. . .our salesman has been out sick and we are now dealing with the sales manager. That is, WHEN we can get anyone to talk to us. When calling got us no where but voice mail and no return calls, we drove over to Gander RV and spent two to three hours being delayed, diverted, disrespected and lied to.

Seems every person we talk to inadvertently tells the truth about the last person’s lies and tells us new lies. Twenty days into this 48-hour deal, it seems, that they are set on not adding any of the agreed-upon add ons, but want us to “close this deal out”. They have not charged our credit card for the deposit, yet. We have not taken possession of the camper. We have not given them the check for our balance.

Way Too Late, I read the reviews of Camping World, and see All their unethical sales practices in our situation.

Escaping Gander RV Esacpe - Run Away

My questions are: Can I cancel this transaction?
Is there any strategy for making them comply with our agreement?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Yes, I now understand what a huge mistake this was, but we have to move forward from the position we are now in. Thanks again for any positive suggestions or solutions.

–Guest Poster

Camping World (Gander RV) Sucks

We offer this Camping World corporate headquarters contact information for complaints, click here. Good luck with that.

As you can see from this blog and from Camping World: The Awful Experience on Facebook, their reputation for poor workmanship and unethical business practices is public knowledge and the purpose of this blog.

Share your experiences with Camping World here. is purely informational. This website will never accept advertisements and does not profit from any experiences shared here. Ergo, this is purely informational to warn consumers in hopes that Camping World, a.k.a. Gander RV, will alter their unethical business practices or just close its doors.

Keystone RV Equally Sucks

Keystone, Camping World’s most popular manufacturer, also holds a reputation for poor workmanship and garbage customer service. is the perfect place to share Montana, Cougar, and other Keystone brand nightmares. is strictly informational.

Contact Keystone customer service at Keystone’s parent company is Thor Manufacturing. Reach Thor custom support here or call (877) 855-2867.

Camping World = Gander RV

Gander RV, formerly Camping World, is located at 2772 US Hwy 78 E in Anniston, Calhoun County, Alabama. Camping World recently purchased Gander Mountain and is in the process of changing the name of its dealerships. I believe this is an attempt to continue their unethical business practices under a new name as their reputation continues to falter and the public is warned.

Another Camping World Horror Story

Our 2019 travel trailer has spent over seven months in the shop in less than a year. After the second time in the shop for warranty work in less than one year, there is still has a lot more work to be done. With the damage done at Gander RV in Alabama, our rig was in need of even more repairs.

They finally repaired my slide. It took them three attempts. However, in the process, they tore holes in the roof slide and my carpeting. They snagged the carpet on a floor vent that they had bent. They replaced the floor vent but that’s it, not the torn carpet. In addition, one of my cabinet doors will not open all the way; it used to.

Weeks of Waiting

We were already weeks late on a month-long trip when we were finally able to pick it up. Shortly after we picked it up, while traveling to our destination, the outside fridge vent flew off. We were on I-285 in Atlanta. Fortunately, no one was hurt or caused to crash from flying parts.

After arriving at our destination, we noticed the kitchen sink started to rust. Next, a day later, the water heater stopped working on both electric and gas.

There are also bubbles forming on two of the outside walls. The black water valve they supposedly repaired on the first trip to service is dripping raw sewage into the underbelly. The tape they used when they cut into the underbelly was already peeling off.

Next, I had to repair the bed after our second trip merely due to poor workmanship.

Thumbs Down Sad Face
I have learned one thing. Marcus Lemonis, Jason Shippley, and all their fire extinguishers are nothing but liars and crooks.

–Guest Poster

Contact Camping World & Keystone

We offer this Camping World corporate headquarters contact information for complaints, click here. Good luck with that.

As you can see from this blog and from Camping World: The Awful Experience on Facebook, their reputation for poor workmanship and unethical business practices is public knowledge and the purpose of this blog.

Share your experiences with Camping World here. is purely informational. This website will never accept advertisements and does not profit from any experiences shared here. Ergo, this is purely informational to warn consumers in hopes that Camping World, a.k.a. Gander RV, will alter their unethical business practices or just close its doors.

Keystone, Camping World’s most popular manufacturer, also holds a reputation for poor workmanship and garbage customer service. is the perfect place to share Montana, Cougar, and other Keystone brand nightmares. is strictly informational.

Contact Keystone customer service at Keystone’s parent company is Thor Manufacturing. Reach Thor custom support here or call (877) 855-2867.

We dealt with a mom and pop shop to get our roof replaced and they recommended a few manufacturers that at least fix their products and take better care of their customers. They are Jayco, Grand Design, and, of course, Newmar.

Camping World Liars

A friend of ours went to visit the Camping World liars in Bartow, Florida for a simple repair. While he was in the waiting room a CW employee came out with disturbing news.

The employee provided pictures proving that there were multiple, gaping holes in the roof. Camping World’s liar said that the unit should be left and fixed that same day because of all the rain they experience during a Florida summer.

First of all, our friend, Joe, was alone at the dealership. Second, he is an older, heavy man. Joe is visibly out of shape and walks slow and labored because of his bad knees. Certainly, it would be obvious to anyone that he wasn’t going to climb the RV ladder to the roof.

The service tech gave him an estimate of $16,000 for a roof replacement. Unfortunately, the owner didn’t take copies of the estimate or the images. Obviously, the Camping World liar didn’t offer any take-home evidence.

Not Falling for CW Fraud

Joe didn’t fall for it and took his unit with him. He returned to the RV park and his skinny wife came home with a friend. She scampered up the ladder to inspect the roof. Not surprisingly, there was not a shred of truth to Camping World’s lying claims.

Therefore, this was a fraud. (Read our inspection story for another example of fraud.) I attempted to get them to call and request a copy of the estimate and pictures. They didn’t want to deal with it and let the Camping World of liars off the hook for this one, unfortunately.

To contact Camping World’s corporate headquarters with complaints click here.

Please share your experience on Camping World sucks here. This website,, is purely informational and does not advertise or profit from any shared experiences. Consequently, we only hope to warn consumers. Our hope is for Camping World and their liars to change their business practices or stop practicing business.

Keystone, Camping World’s most prominent manufacturer, also sucks. Visit to share your Montana, Cougar, etc. nightmares. is not monetized, strictly for information.

Contact Keystone directly try emailing customer service at Thor, Keystone’s parent company can be reached at Thor custom support or by phone (877) 855-2867.

Good luck. Unfortunately, we all need it.

Camping World CEO Sucks

A few days after the nightmare with the finance department, I wrote a letter to Camping World corporate. I detailed our experience.

I recently came across this article from Chicago Business highlighting Camping World’s stock plunge. It’s worth reading. One issue covered is, the fact that Camping World sucks and their CEO, Marcus Lemonis, seems to share that description.

Lemonis set up Camping World’s IPO (initial public offering of stocks) so that he could never be removed from power. He has more voting power than any other shareholder. Shareholders are virtually unable to replace the governing body of the company because of the way Lemonis set it up. Furthermore, the board members are voted in on a rotating basis so that replacing the cronies would take years.

Read full article here.

I checked the stock numbers and the initial offering was just over $22. The stock eventually went to $46. Today the stock price has fallen to less than $8. Stockholders seem to be SOL as the stock continues to drop and the company’s reputation drops farther than the stock. At least Lemonis has his money, and ours.

Read the article and you’ll understand even more why Camping World sucks. It’s because the Camping World CEO sucks. The trickle-down effect. After reading the article come back to this site to share your Camping World nightmare stories. Links for help with complaints appear below.

To contact Camping World corporate with complaints click here for information.

Please enjoy sharing the aggravation by reading some of our other Camping World Sucks posts. Share your Camping World sucks story here to warn others. is not a monetized website, purely informational.

Moving up the ladder, Keystone, maker of so many Camping World campers, equally sucks, from what we’ve experienced. Contact them via Thor is the parent company of Keystone. Attempt Thor custom support online or call (877) 855-2867.

Submit your Keystone RV nightmare to inform the public at is not a monetized website, purely informational.

Camping World – Never Again

My wife and I were looking for a new camper, not at Camping World. We searched all the manufacturers and went to the camping shows. Our final choice, a brand new 2019 Keystone Cougar 367FLS.

The only one we could find in the state was at Camping World. We did see the reviews that sales were great but the service was bad. Thought you could take it to any dealer for warranty work. Come to find out that’s not true at all.

2019 Keystone Cougar 367FLS nightmare.

From jump sales were great. We went for the walk-through and they had the wrong camper. Ours was still in the same spot and nothing was done to it. We should have walked away. But sales assured us they would have it done and anything left would be fixed at our campsite.

Camping World Lies

We were given all the paperwork and the dealer knew of all the issues on the dealer acceptance form. They said it would be delivered at noon. I had help there to get it in place, leveled and set back up.

Camping World didn’t show up until 4:00 p.m. So they did come out and fix a few things. We went to use it the second time and the heat wouldn’t work. So they fixed it. Used it the third time, went to pull the slides in, and noticed the insolation on the motor wires were gone. Then we had issues with the floors.

They said at first they would fix it at the campsite, then wouldn’t. After I had to drive 120 miles round trip to have an eight minute conversation to get it set up for pickup.

I had to disassemble the campsite again and get it to the dealer. It sat for two weeks with nothing done. So, another 120-mile round trip. Two more weeks and no call. So, I called them. I was told they had to gut the whole camper to fix the issue and they were bringing in a company to do said work.

Another Delay

Another two weeks and another 120-mile drive. I demanded a new camper. Which I did get. It was like pulling teeth to get the warranty work done on that one. Finally, the walk-through was scheduled and paperwork was to be signed.

I showed up and no paperwork was ready. During the walk-through they still had stuff to do, which they did. I was promised an inside and outside protectant. I was told it would be done. It showed up and didn’t smell like it was done. I called and was told it was done on April 30th. Funny thing is that the work wasn’t started. So why would they detail and clean it put the protectant on?

Another 120 Miles

I was asked to come back a week later for the paperwork. Another 120 miles driven, sat down and was told that “I think we got it figured out. I might need you to come back.”

No way; not again. Still haven’t gotten the paperwork requested.

Never Again

Needless to say, I will never buy from Camping World or a Keystone product again. I was told that out of service time will be paid, but since I was given a new camper they considered it resolved. I had more run around crap than I could take.

Buyer beware. Stay away from Camping World!

— Guest Poster

Share your Camping World Sucks experience here.

Share your Keystone RV Sucks experience here.

Camping World Service

I thought I’d share another story of Camping World Service.

At the same time as our ordeal, my husband’s coworker went to Bartow Camping World. He’s an older man that doesn’t get around well. He took his unit in for a minor repair.

The technicians came to him in the waiting lounge with pictures of gaping holes in his roof. Camping World service said that his roof had been punctured and desperately needed to be replaced.

They warned him of impending damage and flooding in the case of rain. A $16,000 estimate was offered but refused.

He didn’t take the estimate or the pictures with him. Instead, he pulled his rig back to his RV park. Fortunately, his wife is fairly fit and able to climb an RV ladder. She scurried up to take a look and found nothing they reported; no gaping holes or tears; zero damage.

We implored them to request the estimate and pictures but they “didn’t want to deal with it.”

That, as I see it, is the problem. These huge companies are allowed to operate unethically because of their size. No one wants to deal with it. Although I understand, I’m fed up.

By sharing our experiences others may be forewarned. Consequently, Camping World and others may be forced to evaluate their business practices. We can only hope.

Share your Camping World service experience here.

Visit to share your Keystone experiences.

Camping World Corporate

A few days after the nightmare with the finance department, I wrote a letter to Camping World corporate. I detailed our experience.

The previous post, Camping World Purchase, is the first in this series. Read that post first to help you understand why we contacted Camping World Corporate.

Contacting Camping World Corporate

Hand writing business letter    A few days after the nightmare with the finance department, I wrote a letter to Camping World corporate. I detailed our experience in Minnesota (and another with Idaho) and e-mailed it to a few managers. A link to the letter is below.

The Response

After I sent the letter to corporate I did get a quick response. A regional manager contacted me to apologize. He said that this was not the way they do business. I was to expect a call from the Monticello manager for an apology. Another scene in the nightmare.

The next day I got a call from a Monticello, Minnesota Camping World Manager. First, he said that he just “couldn’t believe” that his finance guy would do such a thing. After that, he said that he’d been watching him work for years. He promised that he had “never” observed anything like I was describing. In other words, we were liars.

I’m not shy or introverted and this was more than I could take. Consequently, I responded that his response was BS. He had repeatedly seen him do exactly what he had done to us, often successfully. It was his MO and badgering worked for him. He was good at it and shoving that warranty down people’s throats was his normal.

In the end, I pretty much hung up on the manager and called the regional guy back. I left a voice mail and told him not to have that jerk call me ever again. This was our last Camping World purchase. We were glad to be finished with the company. So we thought.

Our Idaho Refunds

My letter also covered an experience I had with another department at Camping World. When we bought our first fifth wheel a year earlier, we purchased GAP insurance and an extended service agreement. We found out that we could get refunds on the remaining balances of both agreements. I attempted to contact Tiffany in Meridian, Idaho where we bought our first RV. Our sales force told us she would get us our refunds.

I started e-mailing after several calls were ignored. Finally, I got a response. She sent forms to fill out and asked for our receipts. After sending everything requested I asked if she needed anything else. Tiffany assured me that she had all she’d need.

After a few days, with more of my calls ignored, I e-mailed requesting the timeframe of the refunds. She replied that we had $700 coming from the GAP. I asked about the maintenance agreement and was told that she didn’t request a refund on that because she didn’t have all the paperwork necessary.

I asked her if she had everything she needed a week before. Instead of telling me what else was required, she just planned to keep our money. Needless to say, I searched for additional paperwork and got our maintenance refund. It shouldn’t be this difficult!

The next post is the story of our warranty experience. Check it out at Camping World Warranty.

To contact Camping World corporate click here for information.

Read our Keystone RV warranty experience, posted in detail at

Camping World Purchase

Meridian, Idaho Camping World

Let me preface by saying that our first Camping World experience wasn’t terrible. In Meridian, Idaho the purchase was pleasant. We’re from Colorado, but my husband was working in Idaho. While there we decided to experiment with our first RV. We bought a 2012 Keystone Cougar 278RKS. Our salesman, Brian, was patient and attentive. We made our deal without a hitch. We had that unit for one year and the only thing that ever broke was the toilet. Just wear and tear.

2012 Keystone Cougar 278RKS
Our first fifth wheel. 2012 Keystone Cougar 278RKS, purchased at Camping World Meridian, Idaho.

They offered us the extended warranty, but they did not shove it down our throats. We did buy the warranty, at a reasonable price, and a GAP plan because it was a used unit. These purchases didn’t turn into a problem until we sold the used RV and requested a prorated refund. More about that in the Camping World corporate post.

Monticello, Minnesota Camping World

We decided to upgrade. We’ve learned that vehicle negotiations are always better deals up north near the holidays. So, since we happened to be in Minnesota for a job, the timing was perfect.

The Search

As it was in Idaho, the saleswoman, Jackie, was wonderful. We had a list of must-haves and a few “it would be nice” items. In our search, we visited several times. She showed us every unit we requested with patience. She never acted like we were wasting her time. Once when she had a day off, they stuck us with a salesman who did treat us like a nuisance. I can’t remember his name.

After researching and comparing we decided on another Keystone. The manufacturer is another sad story. Later.

Keystone Cougar 338RLK interior
Second Camping World purchase,
2018 Keystone Cougar 338 RLK interior

We didn’t want to buy new because of depreciation, but it was the only fifth wheel with everything on our list. A 2018 Keystone Cougar 338RLK won the day.

After deciding on the unit, we sat down with Jackie and the finance manager. Jackie was her usual, friendly self. The finance manager was also pleasant. We assumed we would be dealing with him throughout the process. However, that was not the case.

The Camping World Purchase

After agreeing on a price and a few terms, like keeping our mattress, the deal was made. Another stipulation was that they fix the island. Upon inspection, it was quite obviously dropped during installation. The bottom and sides were cracked. Several places had been painted over to hide the damage. The manager agreed to fix the damage to our satisfaction or replace the island completely.

A few days later we came in with our 2012 trade-in to pick up our new unit. My husband believes that the RV at final inspection was not the exact unit we’d chosen. I believe he’s right, but I didn’t care. The island was not damaged in this one, and it was the same model. After inspecting our new unit, we waited around for quite a while to sign papers.

The Closing Nightmare

After an exhausting day, we finally sat down with a finance specialist to sign the papers. It was a different man, not the manager. We were escorted to an office at the back of the store. At first, this finance guy seemed friendly. It didn’t take long to realize we were in the presence of a high-pressure badger.

To begin, he slapped down a few sheets of paper on his desk with some calculations. With no mention of the total dollar amounts, he focused only on monthly payments.

First, he showed us the monthly payment for the price we had agreed to, listing the APR we had been offered. Next, there were some taxes listed. After that was the payment for a three-year, extended warranty. We declined the warranty and he said he’d have to recalculate. He took his papers with him. Upon his return, he had a new deal that the bank “just” offered us contingent upon accepting the extended warranty. Again, we declined the warranty. He stepped back out, taking his papers with him.

Let me state here, negotiations began at 6:00 p.m. in Minnesota on a Saturday night. The bank that financed us is in Maryland. It was 7:00 p.m. on the east coast. There was no one at the bank on Saturday night, so that was a blatant, repeated lie.

The Badgering

During the next approximately 90 minutes he used words like “value” and “security,” but never cost. After about 45 minutes, on one of his fictitious calls to the bank, I walked out to regain my composure. Our saleswoman was still around. I mentioned that I was about to punch this guy. She went to find him to tell him to stop chasing away her sale, to no avail. He would not give up on the extended warranty we had repeatedly refused.

At about the one-hour mark in our Camping World purchase experience, he rose to go “call the bank” again. This time, I quickly grabbed his calculations from the desk. He stopped dead in his tracks, not happy that I had his notes. I smiled and said, “I just want to crunch some numbers.”

Slowly he left the room. Using the calculator on my phone I made a startling discovery. The three-year extended warranty would cost $16,000 (yes, sixteen thousand).

In other words, we would be paying for the warranty for the 10-year life of the loan. Seven years of payments after the warranty expired. Value? After this ordeal, I got a quote for $29 per month for 72 months from the exact same company. Total: $2,088 for six years! Check actual prices here.

The badger returned to the room with a much less friendly demeanor. He had another paper with a new deal, still including the extended warranty. He was less enthusiastic when he presented his latest scam attempt. I stood up, leaned over the desk, took his pen, and proceeded to scrape the extended warranty line off his paper. I pointed to the unit’s monthly price and said, “We want this. That’s it! We want the deal we agreed to now or we walk.”

Finally, the Closing

He grabbed the ripped paper from his desk and stormed out. Upon his return, he slapped a form on the desk in front of my husband and said, “Sign it.” My husband asked, “What am I signing?” He said, “The deal you wanted.” My husband read the paper and it was not our deal. The numbers listed were at a higher interest rate for fewer years than requested. My husband pushed the paper back to him, “That’s not our deal.” Without a word he took the sheet and stomped back out.

We discussed walking out, again. If he had not come in with our deal, we would have been gone. The negotiations were complete days earlier in our eyes. Above all, this visit should have entailed just signing our agreement and driving off.

In the end, our end, he finally came back with the deal we’d made days earlier. We read every word before signing. He calmed down after a few minutes and apologized. “I just love my job,” he added. In other words, “You love ripping people off?” I asked. He shrugged.

So, at almost 8:00 p.m. our Camping World purchase was complete. Now we had to move our remaining belongings over to the new unit. We had to ask our poor, tired saleswoman to track down the only remaining service tech to help swap the mattresses. In the end, this was an ordeal we will never forget or repeat.

My next post covers contacting Camping World corporate to share our experience.