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Keystone Sprinter fifth wheel axle My Keystone Sprinter fifth wheel was eating tires at a rate of one set every two to three thousand miles. I called Keystone. They said to get it to an authorized Keystone dealer for inspection. The closest one to me was Camping World in St. Augustine, Florida (now Gander RV).

I made an appointment for an alignment and had to wait almost two months for it. On the appointed date, a Monday, I dropped it off. They said they would have an answer by Friday. Friday came and went. So did Monday.

I called on Tuesday and was told that the alignment guy never showed but he was coming the next day. They promised that I would have an answer by Friday. Well, Friday came and went. You see where this is going.

I called on, yes, Tuesday and was told the alignment guy did not show again!! But he called and told them to check how level my rig was towing when hooked up to my truck. So, they needed my truck there to check that. St. Augustine is 80 miles one way, but, I drove over there so they can check it.

I hooked up and drove to the side of the building to find a level spot. A guy came out in a golf cart, drives around my rig, and says, “Yep, she is nice and level. We just have to wait for the alignment guy.”

Done with Camping World

Okay, I have had enough and I am taking it home, “What are the damages?” I was thinking it had been there three weeks, they HAVE NOT touched it, but I figured they were going to charge me SOMETHING. Probably the posted one-hour minimum charge, $140. They wanted $460 for a diagnostic charge.

%$#%^& WHAT???

I offered them the $140 (for doing NOTHING). They said they would not let me go until the bill was paid. I said, “I am all hooked up, I am leaving.”

At first, the guy stood in front of me like he was going to get tough. As I walked around him he said he was going to call the police. I said, “Okay. Bye.”

Later that day I was at my local Goodyear store for service to my truck. I told them the whole sorry story. They said the guy who has that portable laser alignment equipment lives right down the street and was coming to do a fire truck that very afternoon. In addition, he would be happy to do my RV at that time.

I ran back home to get the RV. Yes, my Keystone Sprinter had a bent axle. How that happened I will never know. He said that he was NEVER called by Camping World about my RV and he does ALL their work.

The Goodyear shop installed the new axle. The total axle cost, including shipping, was $1065. Goodyear charged me $480 for the install of the axle, four new bearing buddies, and two new tires.

I never heard from Camping World again. But they still have a spare set of my camper keys.

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