Camping World CEO Sucks

A few days after the nightmare with the finance department, I wrote a letter to Camping World corporate. I detailed our experience.

I recently came across this article from Chicago Business highlighting Camping World’s stock plunge. It’s worth reading. One issue covered is, the fact that Camping World sucks and their CEO, Marcus Lemonis, seems to share that description.

Lemonis set up Camping World’s IPO (initial public offering of stocks) so that he could never be removed from power. He has more voting power than any other shareholder. Shareholders are virtually unable to replace the governing body of the company because of the way Lemonis set it up. Furthermore, the board members are voted in on a rotating basis so that replacing the cronies would take years.

Read full article here.

I checked the stock numbers and the initial offering was just over $22. The stock eventually went to $46. Today the stock price has fallen to less than $8. Stockholders seem to be SOL as the stock continues to drop and the company’s reputation drops farther than the stock. At least Lemonis has his money, and ours.

Read the article and you’ll understand even more why Camping World sucks. It’s because the Camping World CEO sucks. The trickle-down effect. After reading the article come back to this site to share your Camping World nightmare stories. Links for help with complaints appear below.

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Moving up the ladder, Keystone, maker of so many Camping World campers, equally sucks, from what we’ve experienced. Contact them via Thor is the parent company of Keystone. Attempt¬†Thor custom support¬†online or call (877) 855-2867.

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