Camping World Sucks!

Our opinion is that Camping World sucks. Many seem to share that opinion. Reviewers rarely praise the company. Ergo, was born.

This is not a fancy website. The goal here is not to sell products or ads. The purpose of this site is to warn consumers. Also, hopefully, the company will get a clue and change.

I’ve read many reviews and found very few positive experiences if any. RV enthusiasts new to the company need to be warned. Those with experience probably need to vent. This is a place to share the Camping World consumer experience. 

After dealing with Camping World personally, we came to the conclusion that Camping World sucks. Our own experiences prompted this blog. Subsequently, our story fills the first few posts.

  • First is our sales experience in Monticello, Minnesota.
  • Second, our refund experience with Meridian, Idaho.
  • Third, our warranty inspection fiasco in Bartow, Florida.
  • I’ve also included one experience of a friend.

Location doesn’t seem to matter. Integrity and honesty are obviously not the company standard.


I’ve read consumer reports, including many Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints. The BBB website gives them a one-star rating. What the BBB deems a response is a joke. For instance, Camping World repeatedly responds that they reached out to the customer (they tried) without response. That seems to be their scripted reply.

After this lame response, the BBB marks the complaint as answered. Furthermore, when the company takes any action, the BBB reports the complaint resolved.

Consequently, complaint after complaint is marked resolved. However, additional customer responses show the issues as unresolved.

Better Business Bureau Camping World Screenshot
The BBB rates Camping World with one star and no letter grade.

Additionally, the BBB fails to rate the company with a letter grade. Find out for yourself. Do your own research on the BBB website. In addition to the BBB, check out They give Camping World two stars.

An Attempt for Change

Certainly, this may be a useless effort in regards to real change in business practices. In the end, future RV consumers will be warned.

These posts are organized into two categories: “Sales” and “Repairs.” We’ll add a category if necessary. Share your Camping World experiences here.

Also, on another blog, I’ve posted our warranty repair experience with Keystone RV. Same issue, lack of integrity. It is our my opinion that Keystone and Camping World are in bed together. We experienced a team effort to rip us off.

Share your Camping World experience here.

Share your Keystone RV experience here.

11 thoughts on “Camping World Sucks!”

  1. I was completely mistreated, lied to, purposefully delayed, my RV was held hostage for 20+ days while I was forced into a hotel. Then they tried to use my RV to force me to sign paperwork. Later when all that didn’t work – they called two police departments (Bernalillo County Sheriffs in New Mexico and then the New Mexico State Police) trying to get them to force me to sign the paperwork or get arrested. Fat chance but I would rather be arrested. #CrampingWhirl is run by a bunch of con artists that whine like babies when called out on it.

    1. Why I wouldn’t advise buying a Freedom Elite from Camping World:

      This is regarding the customer service from Camping World and Thor’s unwillingness to stand behind their product.

      we purchased a Freedom Elite 26HE motor coach new in January of 2017 from Camping World in Saukville Wisconsin. We are extremely dissatisfied with the customer service from Camping World.

      Our first concerns came to light when we purchased the motor home. We had looked at the coach at the RV show in Milwaukee February of 2017. We liked the layout of the 26HE and decided to purchase one. We noticed several deficiencies with the display model and were assured that we would get a new one that was identical from Saukville. The display model was from the Madison Camping World. When we arrived at Saukville Camping World and finished all the paperwork, we discovered the RV we were being sold was the same display model with a Saukville Camping World sticker over the Madison sticker. Red flag number one.

      We pointed out all the deficiencies we noticed at the RV show and were assured all the issues would be fixed. One of the issues was a seal that was on the overhead cap. Red flag number 2.

      We had the RV serviced at Camping World Saukville off and on from February 2017 to July 2017 with warranty issues. One issue was with an electrical relay that almost started the RV on fire. Another issue was a screw that during the manufacturing process had been driven through the fiberglass portion if the roof near the roof access ladder. Although this issue was fixed, it was also apparently made to look worse than it was by a technician at Camping World who drew pencil marks around the screw in the shape of spider cracks. I can only think that this was done to exaggerate the damage to get the manufacturer (Thor) to foot the bill? Red flag number 3.

      The employee who attempted to fix the seal on the overhead cap dripped sealant and caulking all over the front hood. I spent a couple of hours cleaning it up.

      We used the RV during 2018 season without incident. During the 2019 season We noticed on the inside of the cap the right wall was delaminating due to a water leak. We also noticed water leaking from the cab roof over the passenger seat. The RV was taken to a local RV repair shop who initially couldn’t find a leak. I then removed the cushions from the overhead bed, and it was discovered that the wood was rotting, and mold had started. They suggested we take the RV back to the dealer (Camping World) and advise. We dropped the RV off on Dec 2nd, 2019 at Camping World, Saukville WI.

      Since the RV has been dropped off, I had called Camping World at least 7 times and had stopped in once in person requesting updates. The service department had promised to call me back with updates on numerous occasions and had not done so. I called and left a message for the service manager to call me Friday, February 28th, 2020. After talking to Camping World Corporate and sending a letter regarding our concerns, I finally got a call back.

      On March 11th I received a call from the service department stating they found the leak, that it was under the right-side screw track on the overhead cap. They stated the seal had failed and caused the damage estimated at $7,700. I initiated a claim with the extended Camping World Warranty we had purchased. The claim was denied because it did not cover leaks or leak damage.

      I then called Thor and asked that they help cover the cost of repairs as I believed the motor home was not properly sealed from the factory, and the location the leak occurred was not one that could have been found through routine maintenance by the owner or service shops. Thor stated that the motor home was out of warranty, and that the manufacture warranty only covered seals for 3 months. I stated that a three-month warranty was not a warranty at all, and that apparently Thor must expect that their products are inherently defective.

      On April 28th, 2020 I received a call from Camping World stating they had found damage to the fiberglass wall next to a window that had to be removed to fix the water damage. The estimate was approximately $900. I asked how the new damage occurred, since I did not see this damage prior to dropping off the vehicle. They could not explain how the damage had occurred.

      It’s June 4th , 2020 as of this posting and we are still waiting on our RV. Half a year!

      We have used our motorhome only 8 times since we purchased it, putting around 15,000 miles on it. We keep it covered during winter storage.

      This is our second Thor RV from Camping World, and I have to say at this time we are not satisfied at all with Camping World, or Thor motor homes.

  2. I’m Tena Mullinax. I brought a Travel Trailer from Camping World in North Little Rock, AR. I didn’t like the dealership. I had never bought a RV, but I’m disabled, on a limited income and the was the only way I could afford to live without assistance. I made my purchase on October 16, 2019. Camping World had made eighteen repairs to my trailer before they sold it to me as new. I resolved my problem with CW, although I’m not through with them. I requested Forest River Inc., the company that assembled my trailer, to replace it.

    I need help in creating a website that I can share the things I’ve learned over the past five months. I also need people to understand how this industry works. The final word doesn’t belong to just Camping World, the companies that are assembling the RV as manufacturers, are not! Those warranties by the assemblies cover very little of the RV you purchased. The materials come out of China. The cabinets, the walls, the doors, everything! They simply put it all together!

    There are no laws to regulate the dealerships or the assemblies. So, they can do anything they want to, to each and everyone of us, unless we let them all know that, “This is no longer, ok!” We have to hit both. We can’t get one to do something the other isn’t willing to do! Did you know that Forest River has so many RVS under other assemblies names. They do. They’re owned by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Yes, Warren Buffet!

    CW owned Good Sam’s. That’s why they want you to purchase the service warranty. They turn around and get your agreement with a underwriter. They changed underwriters since November 2019. They were with a company that insured cellphones, dish washers and wide area of miscellaneous stuff but obviously didn’t specialize in RV’S!

    Please tell me, “What can I do to give all of us a voice to change this injustice?” A website, a page on your page, something! I’m desperate.

    1. go on Facebook and go to CAMPING WORLD-THE AWFUL EXPERIENCE … send a message and tell them Tricia sent you and they approve you fast. Wait until you see the stories on there. We all need to get together and file a lawsuit.. hell MARCUS CAN AFFORD TO GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK. Gotta love the IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY I AM NOT HAPPY bullshit.. OH AND HOW HE IS AVAILABLE IF YOU NEED HIM. Funny, not once has he returned my calls and it is obvious he could care less. I said that slogan was not true and fraud… so now it is IF YOU ARE HAPPY I AM HAPPY.. well I am NOT HAPPY and again HE DOESN’T CARE. He was posting on Facebook so I made a comment THINKING IT WOULD BE NICE FOR HIM TO REPLY… oh he replied alright… HE DELETED MY COMMENTS…. karma karma karma and cannot use money KARMA COMES FREE…

  3. Where should I start? Okay, we lost Mom so Dad decided he wanted to buy an RV so he could get out of the house which is a reminder of Mom. Well don’t you know.. A GREAT DEAL FROM CAMPING WORLD… NOT!!!! It was in the shop within a week. Did not even get to camp in it and IT IS IN THE SHOP. They had it for months. We get it back and it is raining outside.. it is leaking water to the point we have to get a mop. If you drive an RV you know it isn’t always fun driving on the Interstate (you know the road where drivers were able to get a drivers license in a cereal box) lol All of a sudden a horrible noise and we are ducking for cover.. THE BED ABOVE THE DRIVERS SEAT/PASSANGER SEAT COLLAPSES!!!! Called Camping World and you could tell in their voice THEY DON’T CARE. Time for the RV to go camping again AT THE SHOP THAT IS!!!! Put it this way.. it had so many problems that it had to go back to them.. it wasn’t safe plus had water damage we didn’t see. How nice.. Camping World tells us we are driving a house with an earthquake under us. GET OVER IT AND THAT IS RV LIFE. (exact words) Well Dad has enough and not getting anywhere with them so he took a $30,000 loss!!!!! He decides to give another Camping World a try.. two hours away. Okay so this time he had it for a month BEFORE IT WAS CAMPING IN THEIR SHOP!!!! Not days go by.. try months. Yes 5 months to be exact. The generator would NOT work the first time we went to use it. CAMPING WORLD TELLS US IT IS OUR FAULT AND DUE TO OUR LACK OF MAINTENANCE. Gives us the story that we need to use it at least 2 hours each month and by the way you owe us $750!!! It was NOT covered under the warranty LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IT SEEMS.. so why a warranty if nothing is covered? The first trip we take which requires a generator because we are dry camping.. it fires up but fires nothing up. We had to travel 2 hours out of our way to the closest Camping World. We live in Florida and we are in Texas when this happens. That one tells us bring it in and they believe it is the transfer switch. We had to wait 3 hours SITTING ON A CURB MIND YOU and it is finally ready. We are told that the technician that “fixed” the generator forgot to adjust some screw. So Dad being nice like he is hands the guy a $20 tip. THE GUY HANDS DAD A BILL FOR $162!!!!! Another item not covered under the warranty… what about it being their fault since we didn’t forget to adjust the screw nor did we forget to give them the $750!! or the $162!!! What is next we thought. We shut the door and hear this grinding noise.. wtf is that? THE STAIRS ARE NOT GOING IN that is what it is. My Father is 72 years old and can you believe he had to use a step stool to get in and out. Must be something with Interstates and above cabin beds since we were familiar with the sound and ducked since we were prepared for what was coming THE BED DOWN ONCE AGAIN.. BUT HELLO DIFFERENT RV!!! So have had it for a year now.. the RV is the one that goes camping TO THE SHOP which we didn’t know that was some type of campground or something. RV’s are purchased to go camping in… to get away and the only one getting away IS THE RV. Well I actually just picked it up again today after something they “fixed” had to be “fixed” again. Doesn’t the service counter have a sign that states OUR WORK IS WARRANTED FOR LIFE. NOT TRUE… they charged me and instead of arguing with them of course I had to pay or not getting it back. Gotta love when the invoice reads that the technician repaired the dinette that collapses GOD FORBID YOU SIT ON THE SEAT… so I would like to let everybody know the technician said it is fixed and safe. He actually seemed to have tested it himself according to the invoice HE JUMPED UP AND DOWN ON IT AND NOT A PROBLEM. Hello, I told them that is NOT TRUE because that technician would not be at work today HE WOULD BE OUT ON WORKERS COMP BELIEVE ME. So LONG STORY SHORT.. this is actually SHORT I PROMISE because I have left a lot out. CAMPING WORLD SUCKS IS PUTTING IT LIGHTLY. In fact, I made shirts to wear so when others read my shirt they will see CAMPING WORLD SCREWED ME.. HOW IT IS MONEY DOWN THE TOILET AND ON THE BACK I HAVE TWO PEOPLE KISSING… THE WORD “MY” AND A PICTURE OF A DONKEY finished with the words CAMPING WORLD!!!!!!!

  4. is it a Thor Windsport by chance?????? it sounds like the RV we had to turn in and took a big loss on it. OMG it was like you wrote my story for me about the first RV we bought.

  5. ALSO…. I failed to mention something important. The warranty that is supposed to come with the RV seems to never cover the problem. Then the additional $12,000 yes that number is accurate for an EXTENDED WARRANTY is just like the original warranty… THE ONLY THING IT COVERS IS THE PAPER IT IS WRITTEN ON. Notice too when you are in need of a SERVICE PROVIDER FOR THE WARRANTY IT ONLY HAS CAMPING WORLD as locations that will service the RV and I don’t know about anybody else but not even one is available other than them.

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